Build your Handmade Business

If you are here, maybe you are thinking that it’s time for you to actually start selling those crafts you love making, then I’m gonna reveal you something about the time I started my own jewelry designer business. My coach Renae Christine teached me almost everything I know about the hidden secrets of building an online handmade business. I’ll tell you the trought: I personally wouldn’t be here if I didn’t follow her step by step formula to build a successful online business. This is the exact same business model I used to start my jewelry designer business.


You may ask this, right?

Well, I’ll tell you: she is the number one coach in her industry.

No kidding here, she really is the biggest and more releable coach for handmade business. She learned by herself, after many mistakes, how to build a 6 figures business in the stationary industry, then she decided to teach other besties how to avoid these same mistakes. 

Renae has put online more than 700 free trainings, is an Amazon best selling author, has been featured in ABC, NBC, FOX NEWS and thousands of other pubblications around the world. 


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